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Ruisu high strength SPRING WASHERS

The function of the spring washer is that after tightening the nut, the spring washer gives the nut a elastic force to hold the nut, so that it is not easy to fall off. The basic function of the spring is to give the nut a force after the nut is tightened to increase the friction between the nut and the bolt

  • SIZE M6 M8 M 10
  • surftreatment black Zinc plated
  • package carton
Spring washers are used in vibration situations, but the spring pad is not necessarily anti-loosening. Screws are easy to rust after aging, and the difficulty of disassembly is very large. There will be a certain gap between the screw of the elastic pad and the connected piece. The screws have axial preload, so the screws with elastic pads are relatively easy to remove after aging. In addition, the flat pad is not only used to prevent the spring pad from scratching the surface of the connected part. When the through hole of the connected part is larger than the nut, adding the flat pad can indirectly reduce the through hole and increase the force area to prevent the nut from entering the through hole. If the connected part is a thin-walled part, the flat pad should be added to increase the force area and indirectly thicken the connected part to avoid the damage of the thin-walled part in the stress concentration through the hole.